Park Opening Hours:


10am to 3pm every Tuesday, Thursdays and Friday

9am to 1pm every Saturday and Sunday


7pm to 10pm every Fridays and Saturdays

Our Busy Hours:

Busy hours are between 2-5pm on weekends. If you would like to secure your slot, please book online. Otherwise, we welcome all walk-ins, subject to availability!


1) Wear comfortable attire and purchase our Zoom anti-slip socks

2) Sign the waiver before making your purchase

3) Do some warming up exercises before jumping


Kindly note that:

  • For our Fitness classes and Baby Bounce, our Extreme dodgeball court will be reserved for the classes.
  • For our Jump Acrobat classes, kindly take note that our High Performance area will be occupied.
If you wish to use these areas, kindly take note of the timings for the classes. Thank you for your kind understanding.



Please refer to our important notes stated on our Pricing page!