Love ordinary dodgeball? Reimagine this classic game on our trampoline court! Enclosed in a wall-to-wall trampoline court, experience XTREME DODGE BALL in this adrenaline pumping game with your friends! Not to worry, kids are not left out! We have created a smaller court for ZOOM Kids to enjoy this fast paced game of speed and strategy. SO bring out your competitive spirit, gather your friends and come on out to pit your dodging skills against each other!


Dodgeball Rules

  • Each team begins with an even number of balls and players on each side
  • Teams can start by either sitting down / kneeling down or on opposite back walls
  • Play begins when the Zoom referee blows the whistle
  • Players must never throw the ball from outside the court
  • Players are allowed to take a ball from the centre dividing trampolineTo win, your team must “out” every member of the opposing team
  • You are out if:
    • You are hit by a live ball
    • You throw a live ball that is caught by an opposing player
    • You drop the ball
    • You cross into the centre divide
    • You throw a head shot
  • Once you are hit, you must sit in the designated area outside the court for the remainder of the game
  • You may block / deflect a ball with another ball; however, no kicking of the ball is allowed
  • You may catch a ball in the air after it hits you or another player on your team
  • When you catch a ball from your opponent’s throw, the player from your side who has been out the longest may return to the game
  • If there is only 1 player from each team left, the game can be called a draw after 15 seconds at the referee’s discretion
  • The referee’s decision is final
  • For your safety, the referee has the right to relocate any person to a different court at any time